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Mit " cool down" haben wir den Schritt gewagt ........Schweden wir waren bereit:-) Leider hat es nicht geklappt aber unser Video könnt ihr unter " Videos" anhören:-)....Wir Danken Euch allen für eure Unterstützung! Wir haben uns sehr über eure Feed- backs und über Euer Engagement gefreut....ganz herzlichen Dank <3 Kiss Bonnie

to "cool down" we have taken the step ........ Sweden we are ready :-)...We thank you all for your support, whether or not we move forward, we have been delighted by your feedbacks and your dedication .... many thanks.......Kiss Bonnie



Auch Portugal hat sich gemeldet und wir durften  unser erstes portugiesisches Interview geben!!


wir sagen let`s do it und Danke für Eure Hilfe.......

Kiss Bonnie


Radio Argovia


3....2....1... wir waren live auf Sendung.....

am 23.10.2012 18.45 Uhr..wir danken Radio Argovia:-) war sehr aufregend;-)

3... 2 ... 1 .. we were live on the air .....

23.10.2012 at 18.45 clock .. we thank Radio Argovia :-) .... it was very exciting;-)

Kanal Ratte



1. 11.2012 eine Stunde live mit Bonnie & the groove Cats....Geschichten, Musik und was das Leben so schrieb:-) war ganz mega cool:-)....wir Danken Kanal Ratte!!

First 11.2012 one hour ago with Bonnie & The Groove Cats .... stories, music, and what life was so wrote :-) ... and ..... it very mega cool :-) .... we thank Channel rat!


LIVE 2023

Bonnie Live:


BONNIE in Balterswil Heaven Music Club



BONNIE im Kulturkeller in Emmendingen Deutschland


BONNIE mit den groove Cats am Zeltfest in Matzendorf



BONNIE mit den groove Cats und den Horns am Openair Waldbühne Gehren in Erlinsbach :-)



BONNIE privat



BONNIE mit den groove Cats und den Horns in Österreich Deutschlansberg und BONNIE in Wien  am Donauinselfest 2023 !!! :-)



BONNIE & HOFFI an der Verabschiedung Bezirksschule Klingnau



BONNIE mit den groove Cats und den Horns am Züri-Fäscht :-)



BONNIE mit den Horns am Städtlimärt Walenstadt



BONNIE an der Badefahrt :-) 20.00-22.00 Uhr 



Bonnie mit den Horns an der MAG Aarau  Markt Aarauer Gewerbetreibender 20.45- 22.00 Uhr



BONNIE mit den grovve Cats in  Stef`s Kulurbistro Ostermundigen



BONNIE  in Davos



BONNIE im Durbacher Hof  in Offenburg Deutschland






New Song: 2 Bags :-) Release- Day 25.08.2023

BONNIE – 2 Bags – feat Mick Hudson


«2 Bags» is the first out of 4 songs of the circle «Hello to the other Side» with the topic «Farewell».


«2 Bags» takes place way back in a time, when life of many people happend in smokey bars and pubs. After work going for a beer, and talking, fighting, laughing, drinking and smoking with friends. Could happen, that someone went for shopping firston Friday evening and carring «2 Bags» into the bar – and sometimes these «2 Bags» were still faithful companions Sunday morning. «2 bags and weekend ahead – life is good»!! «2 Bags» is a relaxed tune in the style of Tom Petty, Sheryl Crow or John Hiatt. Next to the story, there is a smooth groove, cool guitar- and hammondsounds and a nice melody!


BONNIE’s partner in «2 Bags» is british singer Mick Hudson, former known as the charismatic voice of legendary and unforgotten swiss-based «Steve Whitney Band».


«2 Bags» is written by Hoffi Hofstetter, the congenial partner and songwriter of BONNIE and was recorded at Soundfarm Studios Kriens Switzerland by Marco Jencarelli. Next to Marco Jencarelli on guitar, there were Chris Heule on Hammond and Piano and Jwan Steiner on Drums. The recording session was a live-recording in the studio – no headphones on. BONNIE and Hoffi wrote, produced and released up to 100 songs in the last couple of years.


Next to spotify we will run a promo campaign for traditional medias and we will set up a video before the release on August 25th 2023.


BONNIE recorded 4 albums and 4 EP’s in the last 8 years and played up to 300 shows in the same time. Highlights were a tour with Vintage Trouble in 2022 and a slot at Donauinselfest Vienne in 2023. BONNIE’s music style is desribed as «Vintage Soul and Roll» - a mix up of Rhythm and Blues, Soul, R’n’R and Funk. In 2019 BONNIE entered swiss album charts on No 5 with «The Gap I».


Her love of music and people in general has opened many doors and subsequently made her feel at ease on stages all over the world. During her performances, we witness in her lyrics and melodies that she has found and released her inner goddess. Her warm voice and charismatic presence on stage, have further endeared her to many fans far and wide.



.....ein Traum wird wahr..... with  Vintage Trouble on Tour 2022 : Ty  Taylor von Vintage Trouble

Bonnie spielte am 3. Juli in Eindhoven am 5.Juli in München und am 6. Juli im X-tra in Zürich als Vorband von Vintage Trouble. Riesen Dank an das Good News Team und das VT Camp, dass wir eine unserer absoluten favorit-bands supporten durften !!! es war einfach unbeschreiblich.....lassen wir die Bilder sprechen


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